As a business leadership coach,  Lulu aims to unlock the potential of each client and team member, to achieve alignment of individual aspirations and organizational interest. This cultivates workplaces where all stakeholders thrive.

Various coaching models are referenced/utilized to provide the ideal solution for our clients. Key examples are The Integral approach, Thinking Environment, John Whitmore’s GROW model, Narrative Coaching and  Mark Kahn’s Coaching on the Axis.

At the core of our leadership coaching philosophy are Responsible and Inclusive leadership.

  • Business experience at executive/board level of 25+ years
  • Currently serving on multiple boards as non executive director
  • Coaching and mentoring of business leaders 10+ years
  • Business coaching certificate: University of Stellenbosch 2009
  • MPhil management coaching December 2018
  • MPhil research report: Coaching to foster Inclusive Leadership
  • Coaching exposure: 1 000+ hours
  • COMENSA registered coach
  • Coaching levels: From Junior management to executive level

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